European Parliament Download Centre

The download centre at a glance

Welcome to the Download Centre of the European Parliament! This online platform features Parliament’s logo, grids, templates and usage guidelines for communication partners.

Visual identity

The European Parliament logo applies to both internal and external communication. It is based on a stylised hemicycle, the European Union flag and the name of the institution. It is a symbol of the core values that the European Parliament stands for: openness and democracy.

This website allows you to download all 24 language versions of the logo in various formats to be used on a wide range of supports. It provides technical guidelines on the usage of the logo across a wide range of communication tools.

Monolingual vertical European Parliament Logo

Monolingual vertical EP logo

The monolingual vertical logo is available in EPS and PNG formats. The type of logo used is dependent on various factors: background colours, contrast on photographic backgrounds, and single colour screen printing, etc. Wherever possible, the full colour logo should be applied.

(Monolingual vertical logo as a zip file) Download

Other versions of the EP logo

  1. Multilingual vertical EP logo

    The European Parliament logo has been developed in a multilingual version, where all the official languages of the EU are placed below the symbol. The vertical version is the main version to be used whenever the multilingual logo needs to be displayed. It is is available in EPS and PNG formats.

    (Multilingual vertical logo as a zip file) Download

  2. Monolingual landscape EP logo

    The monolingual landscape logo is available in EPS format. This logo is used in situations where the monolingual vertical logo application will reduce the legibility of the word mark.

    (monolingual landscape logo as a zip file) Download

  3. Multilingual horizontal EP logo

    The multilingual landscape version is available in EPS and PNG formats. It should be used for all relevant landscape formats.

    (multilingual landscape logo as a zip file) Download

Use of the EP logo by third parties

The European Parliament logo may be used by third parties provided the Terms of use are respected. If you have any questions or doubts, or feel unsure about the correct use of the logo, please use the contact form on the contact page to submit your query.

Campaign materials

The European Parliament and its members regularly communicate about their work and the values they stand for. You will find all the communication tools produced in the framework of these campaigns/events in various languages and formats on the in a new page) website.